India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world and would be an extremely important training ground to prepare students for the future.  Keeping this in mind, the chamber has reached out to some of the top reputed companies in India and put together a short work experience for students from Canada.  We encourage Canadian students to choose India as a destination to pursue their internship training programs in their respective area of education.

Briefly, ICBC is the only bilateral trade promotion organization based in India which is dedicated to enhancing economic relations between India and Canada. With its headquarters in Delhi, ICBC has Regional councils in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Kolkata. The Chamber works closely with the Canadian High Commission and Consulate General offices across India. Having a strong membership base from a cross-section of business and industry and in a variety of sectors, its main focus is on sectors such as Education and Advanced Skills Development, Energy, Infrastructure, Aerospace, ICT and Legal services. Needless to say, the chamber works through active committees broadly in these areas.

This unique Internship Program aims to bring a valuable experience for budding Canadian entrepreneurs and executives who wish to choose India as their destination to learn and grow. It aims to provide interns with a firsthand experience of working in India while exposing them to the economic and cultural environment of the country.

Why India?

One of the fastest growing economies of the world

India is probably bigger than we think. We share borders with six countries and have the second largest population in the world, with a rich history dating back to thousands of years. Here are just a few examples of the diversity found in India. The northern border of the country is bound by the snowy Himalayan mountains but as you go further south, you find both lush forests as well as vast deserts. A number of religious holidays are celebrated and observed in India, such as Holi (the festival of colours), Diwali (the festival of lights), Eid, Ramadan, Christmas and many more! It doesn’t end here. There are 22 official languages in India and another 400 alive.

Though the country’s population remains largely rural, India has three of the most populous and cosmopolitan cities in the world—Mumbai (Bombay), Kolkata (Calcutta) and Delhi. Three other Indian cities—Bengaluru (Bangalore), Chennai (Madras) and Hyderabad—are among the world’s fastest-growing high-technology centres and most of the world’s major information technology and software companies now have offices in India.

India continues to lead the pack as a fast growing major economy, ahead of China. Its noteworthy that the GDP growth forecast for FY2018 (ending March 2019) is maintained at 7.3% and that the growth in FY2019 is expected to rise to 7.6% owing to the numerous financial and economic reforms, and measures that the country has witnessed in the past few years to strengthen and bolster investments (inbound and bound).

While this introduction to India may not cover all of the details, we firmly believe that our student internship program is capable of providing the right training and experiential learning opportunities for the development of skills of the interns which eventually will assist in integrating and developing knowledge base with an advantage of working with the diverse populations of India. Also, it will further provide professional working environment that encourages and leads to professional identity development on a larger scale.

Internship Destination – Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, New Delhi, India, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Bengaluru is the capital of the state of Karnataka in India. The name of the city is synonymous with the IT (Information Technology) revolution in the country and it is the third biggest city in the nation in terms of population. The city has turned into a major commercial, industrial and cultural hub in South India. A number of nicknames are used to describe Bengaluru including the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, ‘City of Gardens’ etc. The city houses a number of scenic parks, movie theatre complexes, boulevards, and famous memorials and edifices. As a vibrant and fast developing city, the weather of Bengaluru is truly enjoyable and favourable. As a result, it attracts thousands of travellers round the year and is a popular tourist destination in India.

New Delhi is the capital of India. The Parliament Houses are located here alongside historical monuments and beautiful gardens. It is the seat of the Central Government of India and has a huge cultural heritage. Big conglomerates are also represented here.

Mumbai is the financial capital of India. Full of high rise apartments, it houses the large financial organizations and Banks of the world. The city pulsates with a life of its own and has a glamour quotient as well, with ‘Bollywood’ located here. It is often called the New York of India because the city never sleeps!

Outcomes Expected

For Canadian interns

  • Gain Indian experience along with the knowledge and skills they are expected to learn on the job.
  • A chance to network and interact with Indian professionals working in Indian organizations.
  • Working with diversity/diverse population in India.
  • Adapting effectively to working in different and changing conditions from what they are used to
  • Learning what it takes to be successful working in another country (in this case, India).

Information about the city, stay & transport (to & fro work)

Our internship package covers all requirements for a rewarding internship experience, such as –

  • Accommodation
  • Help to obtain an Indian mobile sim card
  • Arrival, induction and orientation
  • A guidance to social & cultural events/forums happening in the city

ICBC exclusive scope of services for interns:-

Pre arrival –

  • Matching the student to the corporate requirement.
  • Help in arranging their accommodation as per budget, in a safe environ, close to the work place. In some cases, we will try if on-campus accommodation is available.
  • Support in procuring a local mobile sim card for their stay in India.
  • We will prepare a folder listing the facilities and conveniences during their stay. For example – nearby hospitals or nursing home/shops/restaurants/theatres/museums/ places of interest/write up about the city etc.
  • An introduction to Buddy, which is a 24/7 helpline number. We will share this number with the interns.

On arrival –

  • Buddy will be available on the phone for any help required.
  • A folder with important information and numbers will be left for interns at their respective residence(s).
  • The next day after arrival a “briefing” session will be held at ICBC Office, with a personal introduction to Buddy. We will share information regarding the first day of work – who to meet, how to get to the office, a brief about the city, etc. Also to answer any queries from the interns.

  During Stay –

  • One workshop on the Business environment in India, Mentors to talk to them on their queries. One case study of a successful business partnership in India.
  • One meal at an Indian home with local cuisine.

Departure –

  • Chat with Buddy on feedback and any tips for the future.

Additional on request:

  • Arranging a tour of nearby tourism spots – day trip or overnight option (costs to be borne by the individuals)