Honourable Suresh Prabhu

Suresh-PrabhuShri Suresh Prabhu is known as a man of action, having a penchant for undertaking reforms, scripting turnarounds and achieving superlative results by working in mission mode. An advocate for decisive growth-driven change, he is well respected for his impeccable integrity, passion and commitment towards society at large. Featured among the top three Indian leaders of the future by Asia Week magazine, Hong Kong in its cover story “Giant on the Move,” he has been guided by the dream and mission to balance the needs of human development while preserving the fragile environment. Shri Suresh Prabhu is currently the Minister of Commerce & Industry and Civil Aviation, Government of India. He has handled several ministries in past from Railways to Environment, Power and Heavy Industries. He has also been Prime Minister’s Sherpa for G20 summit and Chairman of the Task Force on Interlinking of Rivers. He is a Rajya Sabha MP from Andhra Pradesh and has been four-time Member of the Lok Sabha from Rajapur Constituency of Maharastra – one of the biggest states of India and has also represented Haryana in the Rajya Sabha.