ICICI Bank Student Loans for Indian Students Studying in Canada

The international student fraternity is growing exponentially. More than 100,000 Indian students opt for Canadian Universities as their choice of higher education and seek funding options before arriving as internal education is costly. Many meritorious students are unable to join for lack of timely funds. Due to lack of awareness many students and parents end up taking loans at very high rates or borrow from family and friends, or at times sell of their house, land or gold. With information available on the website they will be able to get all the details and modes of applying.

The University will get the suitable candidates who have qualification and the required financial support in the form of ICICI Bank student loans. So, they will not search for part time job’s but concentrate on their studies. Timely payments in the University account. University will have full class of students. Above all a verified and vetted student profile by ICICI Bank in financial and academic backgrounds.

Benefits of tying up with ICICI Bank for your Indian students’ education funding:

  • Trust : ICICI Bank is the second largest Bank in India. Trusted by more than 40 Million Customers, with it’s presence across the country by a Branch Network of 5000+ Branches and 15,000 ATM’s. Presence of an Indian bank on the university website builds trust in the student’s mind and makes them more confident to apply to your university
  • Swift closure on funding process of international study : The likelihood to opt for a university recommended loan option is more thereby significantly reducing time and effort on loan hunting and GIC process
  • ICICI advantage on GIC : The trusted Indian bank to offer GIC is ICICI Bank thereby providing your students with a seamless GIC process
  • Canadian Saving Bank Account : Students can complete formalities of opening account at the early stage of their travel, when in India.
  • No hidden caveats on availability of education loan : ICICI offers maximum flexibility on courses and universities for study abroad, thereby providing a transparent and swift process to the student.

The benefits of opting for an education loan by Indian students are numerous:

  • Availability of education loans greater than INR 1 Cr (Rs 10 Millions). (includes living and fee expenses both)
  • Tax benefit to the financial applicant in India during the course period
  • Flexible moratorium option
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Financial aid other than scholarships to international students is not available in Canada for which there is high competition

We look forward to collaborating with you and taking this proposal ahead!

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